About Pop wants to be a space for everyone and proactively counteract the lack of visibility of people with disabilities in pop culture. As part of a training course, we have looked at accessibility and inclusive cultural work because we consider this to be an indispensable aspect of a sensitive environment and equal participation.


Our festival team is supported in this process by experts in their own right in order to best understand and implement the needs of our visitors with disabilities.


If you have physical, sensory or other (invisible) impairments and need support during your visit, our awareness team will be happy to assist you both before and during the event.


You can reach the awareness team
by e-mail:
by phone & WhatsApp: 01573 879 5555
Awareness point: In the inner courtyard of the Wizemann & in the area of the outdoor stage


In the event of an emergency or if you need support in the event of a conflict, you can of course contact any About Pop employee. They can immediately call out the awareness team.


About Pop is opposed to all forms of discrimination and does not tolerate any relativization of this. If you observe or experience a critical incident yourself, please contact us. We will work with you to decide what to do.


When purchasing a discounted ticket for a person with a disability (e.g. proof of a B in the ID card), a free ticket can be booked for the accompanying person.


If you do not (yet) have proof of your disability or have other difficulties booking a ticket, you can also contact us directly in advance:


Assistance dogs and guide dogs for the blind are very welcome here. Our admission staff are informed. A water bowl is available for your four-legged companion at the awareness point.


The upcoming program items in sign language are listed here.


Together with experts on our own behalf, we have checked the event site for accessibility. Unfortunately, About Pop is not fully wheelchair accessible on all levels. We are doing our best to create the highest possible level of accessibility. We recommend that blind visitors come accompanied, as the event site can be very complex.


The area in the Wizemann is largely at ground level and can be accessed by wheelchair with minimal vibration. However, some doors are difficult to open. In addition, some catering counters and checkrooms are high by default and not wheelchair-accessible. Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance from staff or the awareness team.


The inner courtyard is accessible at ground level. One of our two awareness points is also located here.


In the studio, the first (seated) rows are marked for wheelchair users, people with other disabilities and their accompanying persons.


There is a barrier-free area marked on the floor in front of the stage in the hall.


In the Happen you will find one of our catering areas. The seating is flexible and the tables are wheelchair accessible.


The Atelier is the only room on the upper floor of the Wizemann and unfortunately does not have an elevator.


In the club, there is a barrier-free area marked on the floor to the left of the stage.


In the Impact Hub, the »Schlosserei« and the »Foyer« are accessible at ground level by wheelchair. Unfortunately, the following rooms are not wheelchair accessible due to stairs and the lack of an elevator: light room, wood store, payroll accounting, tower room, master room, boardroom and the open-air area.


To get to the open-air area without barriers, you have to take a short detour around the building. To do this, turn right in front of the main entrance at the Happen (facing the street) and follow the wall of the building to the next corner. Turn left there and follow the signs. Attention: This path leads uphill (>6%). There is a barrier-free area in front of the outdoor stage. The childcare area is gravel and therefore difficult to roll on.


There are 4 permanently installed barrier-free toilets on the Wizemann site: In the Wizemann Studio, in front of the Wizemann Hall, in front of the Wizemann Club and on the first floor of the Impact Hub. There are also two mobile porta-potties in the area of the outdoor stage. If you are unhappy with the condition of a toilet, please let us know. Give us a call or contact the toilet service staff.


You can charge your electric wheelchair at any time at the Awareness Point and stop for a chat with our Awareness team. We look forward to getting to know you!


The subway lines U13 and U16 will take you to the festival site without barriers as far as possible. The nearest stop »Glockenstraße (Mahle)« is approx. 34 minutes away from the main entrance and is wheelchair accessible with a ramp. Due to a slight incline of the path to the event site and a construction site directly at the entrance, we recommend the support of an accompanying person.

If you are travelling alone or need organizational help with your travel planning, please contact us:


Our website was designed according to the minimum requirements for screen reader users. Image descriptions have been provided for graphic elements as far as possible. However, if you come across information on our website, in the app or on our social media channels that is not accessible to you, please contact us. If you need our support with your travel planning, you can contact us at any time.

Our mobile awareness team offers blind and visually impaired visitors a pick-up service from the »Glockenstraße (Mahle)« stop. If you require this service, please register with us up to 2 hours before your arrival. The lighting conditions in some event rooms can vary greatly and can therefore be irritating. We have made every effort to mark all steps and other danger spots with high-contrast markings. We will be happy to show you around the premises to help you find your way around.


There are a total of nine marked disabled parking spaces in the first basement level of the »Wizemann Areal« parking garage (street: Im Schwenkrain). The entrance height is 2.10m. The barrier-free exit is also located on the first basement level. Parking in the parking garage is subject to a charge and costs a one-off fee of 5 euros, with no time limit.


At the festival, there will also be communication assistance in plain language to make it easier for you to understand the program or find your way around the site. Contact the staff at the entrance or our team at the Awareness Point.

What is About Pop? (easy language)
About Pop is English.
Translated it means: About pop.
That means: It’s about pop music.
That’s how you pronounce it: About Pop.
About Pop is a festival and convention for pop culture, music business, youth culture and nightlife.
What does that mean?
About Pop is a festival.
That means: There are concerts at About Pop.
About Pop is a convention.
That’s how you pronounce the word: Kon-wenn-schn.
That means: people meet at About Pop.
All these people are interested in pop music.
There are many different events at the About Pop Convention.
For example: readings, exhibitions, talks, workshops.
Who is About Pop for?
for all people who are interested in pop music
for people who earn their money with music
for people who like to go out
for people who like concerts

About Pop always takes place once a year.
In the Wizemann Areal near Stuttgart. In Bad Cannstatt.


Contact us
Do you have any questions? Or would you like to tell us something?
Then get in touch with us.
This is how you can reach us: You can call our office.
This is our telephone number: 0711 22 83 57 50.
You can call from Monday to Friday. Always from 10 am to 5 pm.
Or send us an e-mail to this address:

Do you have questions about accessibility?
Then send us an email to this address:
And you can also find us on Instagram and Facebook.


Dynamic lighting effects are used at some concerts. If this poses a health or mental problem for you, we ask you to take good care of yourself and contact our staff immediately if you are not feeling well. We hope you understand that lighting effects are a popular way of visually designing concerts and that we only have limited influence on the decisions of the artists. Thank you very much!


Warum ist eine Klimabilanz wichtig? Was kam bei der ersten Klimabilanz für die About Pop raus und wo wollen wir damit hin?

Die gesamte About Pop wird unter Aspekten der Nachhaltigkeit, Teilhabe und Diversität geplant. Wir wollen ein Festival gestalten, die auch in Zukunft nicht nur Belastung für die Umwelt werden. Unterstützt wurden wir von Nachhaltigkeitsberater Julian Vogels.

Helping Hands

Would you like to support us at the next About Pop on May 17 and 18, 2024? Looking after artists in the backstage, setting up and dismantling, looking after the information stand or individual rooms, or supporting the project management on site?


Then please send an email to



Tickets are available here on our website in the online store.


Holders of a disabled person’s pass with the B mark are entitled to bring a companion free of charge. Please send an email with the relevant proof to Further information can be found here.


Yes, all schoolchildren who can provide proof of their school ID, for example, can buy a reduced-price ticket. Admission is free for anyone under the age of 16.


Yes, just bring your valid student ID with you as proof.


For About Pop 2024, there will be combination tickets for both days and day tickets for one day each. The day and evening tickets will be available at the club festival at the respective locations.


Für die About Pop 2024 wird es Kombitickets für beide Tage und Tagestickets für jeweils einen Tag geben. Die Tages- bzw. Abendtickets würd es beim Clubfestival an den jeweiligen Locations geben.


You will find the Wizemann Areal (and thus also the Im Wizemann and the Impact Hub) at Quellenstr. 7, 70376 Stuttgart. You can get there by public transport (Glockenstraße stop) or by car.


From the Glockenstraße stop, walk a short distance uphill and cross Pragstraße at the traffic lights. If you continue uphill a little further and then turn right into Quellenstraße, you will be there in a few minutes. You can call up your best connection directly from the VVS timetable information:


RegioRadStuttgart for a flexible journey: With the polygoCard tariff, the first 30 minutes of every bike ride are free, the first 15 minutes with a pedelec and the daily price for 24 hours is a maximum of 7 euros (bike), 10 euros (pedelec) and 12 euros (cargo pedelec). For a rental between 6 p.m. and 9 a.m. the following day, you pay a maximum of 1.50 euros (in the polygoCard tariff) or 2 euros (basic or light tariff). You can find more information at


If you arrive by car, you can park in the Wizemann parking garage (top two floors). Please do not use the numbered private parking spaces at the beginning of Quellenstraße. Despite parking spaces, we ask you to avoid using your car as far as possible and to use public transportation.


Without the support of our supporting institutions, funding bodies and (media) partners, it would hardly be possible to realize a project as large as About Pop in this form. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them all!

Would you like to become a sponsoring or media partner? Contact us:

The Pop-Büro Region Stuttgart, which organizes About Pop, is a service offered by the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation, the Stuttgart Youth House Society with the support of the state capital Stuttgart:

Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH (WRS) is one of our two supporting institutions and the central point of contact for companies, local authorities, start-ups, investors, specialists and journalists on the subject of business in the city of Stuttgart and the five surrounding districts.

Whether in daycare, at school or in the children’s and youth center: Stuttgarter Jugendhaus Gesellschaft (stjg) is one of our two supporting institutions and helps young people grow up. They offer children and young people not only educational, care, leisure and vacation activities, but also spaces to meet and try things outand are also there as a point of contact, advisor and a place to get help.

The Cultural Office of the City of Stuttgart supports us institutionally and is also a partner for the promotion, development and planning of various Stuttgart artists and cultural institutions. With its central services and six of its own cultural institutions with a total of 750 employees, it carries out a wide range of municipal cultural work in the state capital of Stuttgart. In doing so, it makes a significant contribution to the city’s character as a cultural city with a rich cultural offering.

About Pop is supported by the BKM, the Initiative Musik, the MWK, the Wüstenrot Foundation, the Alwa Foundation and Regionet:

About Pop is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM). It is responsible for the cultural and media policy of the Federal Republic of Germany, supported and monitored by the Committee on Culture and the Media in the German Bundestag.

The Initiative Musik is the central funding organization of the Federal Government and the music industry for the German music industry. The initiative strengthens the presentation and distribution of music from Germany at home and abroad. In addition, the Initiative Musik is currently implementing several sub-programs for the federal government as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR rescue and future package.

The Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of the State of Baden-Württemberg represents key areas of Baden-Württemberg policy. As the highest state authority, it is responsible for all of the state’s universities, the majority of non-university research institutions, scientific libraries and archives as well as important art institutions in Baden-Württemberg.

As one of the largest independent foundations in Germany, the Wüstenrot Foundation is politically and denominationally independent and committed to the democratic community. The Wüstenrot Foundation has been active in operations and funding since 1990 and its current areas of focus are: Future issues, monuments, art & culture, city & country, education and literature.

Sinnvolle Förderung von Popularkultur, ­-musik und -szene in Baden-Württemberg kann nur in Zusammenarbeit mit den Regionen erreicht und etabliert werden. Deshalb wird mit dem RegioNet der Popakademie nicht nur die Szene in Mannheim gefördert, sondern auch Projekte in anderen Städten der Region. Durch Kooperationen mit den popkulturellen Zentren Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Ulm sowie den Regionen Neckar-Alb, Bodensee-Oberschwaben und Heilbronn-Franken werden die Vernetzung und der Aufbau von langfristigen Strukturen umgesetzt.

The partners of About Pop are the Koordinierungsstelle Nachtleben, Next Mannheim, Club Kollektiv Stuttgart and Clubkultur Baden-Württemberg:


Behind the online presence »Stuttgart by night« is the COORDINATING OFFICE NIGHTLIFE for Stuttgart and the region. Two people belong to this coordination office: Together, they are committed to the further development of nightlife in Stuttgart and the region. Currently, Nils Runge as nightlife manager and Andreas Topp as project manager for nightlife coordination at the state capital Stuttgart are responsible for the broad spectrum of nightlife issues in Stuttgart and the region.


CLUB KOLLEKTIV STUTTGART E.V. has been representing the interests of clubs and event organizers from the city and region since 2013. According to our self-image, we primarily represent the interests of club, live and off-culture vis-à-vis politics and administration.


At NEXT MANNHEIM, the CULTURAL INNOVATION Office initiates, promotes and realizes sustainable urban cultural projectsin collaboration with cultural professionals, artists, creatives, scientists and citizens. These interdisciplinary projects are drivers of innovation and are actively used for culture- and creativity-driven urban development. A particular focus is on the promotion of night culture. The initialization of the first Night Mayor in Germany created a mediating interface between operators, residents, administration and authorities in order to structurally and sustainably strengthen Mannheim’s nightlife and proactively provide new impetus.


CLUBKULTUR BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG E.V. is the association representing the interests of those involved in club, cultural and music events as well as concerts and festivals in Baden-Württemberg; in particular the operators of live music venues and music clubs as well as organizers in the pop music sector.

Our media partners are Diffus, ByteFM, Gig-Blog and Kessel-TV:

DIFFUS is the digital music magazine for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We present the most exciting music news and produce podcasts and exclusive video content such as interviews, documentaries and live sessions.

ByteFM is a moderated music radio stationwithout commercials and computer-generated music rotation. From the Hamburg media bunker we provide you with good music, old and new: indie, techno, pop, rock, singer/songwriter, electronic, synth-pop, jazz, hip-hop, beats, krautrock, dream-pop, dubstep, folk, shoegaze. Our program also includes classical music, French chansons and Afrobeat. ByteFM takes an enthusiastic and critical look at music: in album reviews and interviews, with concert announcements, portraits of labels, artists and bands, scenes and contexts. is a music blog with concert reviews and other stuff. One of the team can even take photos. One of them has been with Udo Jürgens. One has stood next to Rudi Schenker from the Scorpions at the urinal and said »Hi!«. One didn’t want to have breakfast with HP Baxxter. One of them once had a water bottle thrown at his head by Brett Anderson. One once smoked weed with Gonzales. The gig-blog are not objective. Because they love music.

Kessel.TV is the best-known blog from StuttgartKessel Leben between nightlife, clubs, gastronomy, parties, city politics, sneakers, music and the Internet.

Kessel.TV ist der bekannteste Blog aus StuttgartKessel Leben zwischen Nightlife, Club, Gastronomie Party, Stadtpolitik, Turnschuhe, Musik und Internet.