Rosa Anschütz

What paths can you take to express what’s inside you? The 26-year-old singer-songwriter Rosa Anschütz packs her everyday observations and questions into poetic and poignant lyrics. Prose that sticks with you thanks to Rosa’s unforgettable voice. Admonishing, haunting, wafting. The utterly analog composition of the album »Interior«, announced for winter 2024, gives her voice the leading role on a journey through various genres and themes such as heartbreak, family dramas, beauty, and spirituality. »I’ve been losing the faith to see«, sings the artist on the track »By Gaining Many Somethings«. A melancholy, warming search between reflection and observation – inside and out.

Eine Frau trägt eine Mütze aus Netzstoff und darüber einen weißen grünen Kapuzenpulli.