Future Franz

If the German music scene were a bakery, it would display many hard, old loaves of bread. These are difficult to eat, even with lots of butter. If Franz were a a kind of bread, he would be a milk roll. It is handmade, sweet and lovely, but also a sight that awakens a mother’s instinct. It is too soft to eat and very vulnerable. Let’s leave baked goods aside and focus on music. Future Franz, since his hit single ‘Raucher’, has been preparing to become the pop star of the little man. He creates dreamy, poetic three-minute guitar pop songs with a relaxed indie sound. His music is bursting with simplicity, humor, and inventiveness.

Ein Mann mit Hut und Sonnenbrille liegt in einer Hängematte. Er hält in beiden Händen eine Panflöte, die an einen ausgestreckten Mittelfinger erinnert.